Camping in the Great British Weather!
Mendip Basecamp’s top tips on how to turn a potentially soggy camping experience into a memorable adventure. In a perfect world, every camping trip would be entirely sunshine and clear nights, but Britain all too often has other plans… Whilst we can’t control the weather, we can attempt to prepare you for the many curveballs that mother nature may throw at you throughout your camping adventure.

Keep your tent sheltered
Trying to sleep, or relax, while the wind is battering your tent can be a trying task! However, this can be avoided. First, we recommend that you pitch your tent in a sheltered location; this is easy at our campsite, Mendip Basecamp, as there are no set pitches and you are free to choose where to pitch upon arrival!

Using your car, you can create an impromptu wind blocker by parking between the wind and your tent, creating a sheltered area for yourself. Choose a campsite, like Basecamp, when you can park where you pitch. This also means the car is nice and close to your tent, so luggage and equipment can be quickly moved in and out. Just like that, you can once again relax without the threat of constant wind.

Right equipment for the right weather
Whatever the weather, good equipment can improve any camping trip.

Items such as storm pegs, a strong tent, and warm, waterproof clothes will make you ready for whatever weather comes your way and ensure that time spent on the campsite is enjoyable. We recommend a visit to your nearest outdoor/camping shop to stock up before any trip, especially those where bad weather is expected. Have you forgotten any essentials? Campsites like Mendip Basecamp will have well-stocked camp shops with almost everything you might have forgotten including storm pegs.

Seek out shelter
Should you need a break from the great outdoors, seek campsites with sheltered areas.

At Mendip Basecamp, we have a number of such spaces, including our cosy country lodge, serving cider, beer, pies, pizzas and much more until late. The Pavilion acts as the camp shop, camp café and chill out area with USB charging ports and a toddler’s play area.

Activities whatever the weather
If you are worrying that any unfortunate weather will result in your activities at Mendip Basecamp being ruined, or even cancelled, then rest easy knowing that all of our outdoor activities take place on the sheltered side of the hill. The weather forecast is often a lot better than expected! On top of this, all of our activities take place no matter the weather so bring some warm clothes and nothing will be able to get in the way of your memorable adventure!

Keep a positive mindset
Perhaps the most important point on this list is that it is essential that you go into your camping trip knowing that it will be fun. If you expect the worst, the worst tends to happen so keep a positive mindset and you will easily have an amazing time All it takes is some simple preparation, clever use of what's available and a good mindset to ensure that your trip is the best that it can be.

Here at Mendip Basecamp, we have many facilities and resources which make this even easier, guaranteeing an outstanding camping experience.